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    Supertechina Micro UDP USB3.0 flash drive can be welded with LED light. LED light color can be blue, red, green etc.

    Micro SDXC flash memory cards are eXtended Capacity micro SD cards, same features as SDXC cards。

北京赛车历史开奖直播    With the high capacity, high reading and writing speed, Micro SDXC card will be will be prevalent in the market。

    Micro SD card is called trans Flash card formerly and a format of removable flash memory cards. The cards are commonly used in cellular phones, as well as in handheld GPS devices, portable media players, digital audio players, expandable USB flash memory drives, Nintendo DS flashcards, and digital cameras.

    Micro SD card is the smallest memory card-15(L)*11(W)*1(H)mm and about a quarter the size of an SD card.

    Micro SDHC card is High Capacity micro SD Card, specifically designed to meet the High Capacity, High Definition Audio and Video requirement for the latest Digital Cameras, DV Recorders, Mobile Phones, etc. The new defined Speed Class enables the host to support AV applications to perform real time recording to the micro SD memory card.

    The SDXC memory card is Secure digital extended capacity memory card, also called SD3.0 card.

    SDXC card standard dramatically improves the characteristics than SD card and SDHC card. A SDXC memory card enabled with UHS will be able to read and write data faster.

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