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    Flash storage products are used in the military and industry enterprises step by step in order to implementing specific function of products or large capacity storage. The products for military and industry enterprises are pretty severe for non-regular safety and compatibility demands which need highest quality original flash chips, specific controllers and all the raw materials.

    In 2013, Supertechina (Shanghai) Electronic Co。, Ltd。 will produce flash storage products which are adopted in the military and industry enterprises such as industrial SD card, Industrial CF card, Industrial Micro SD card etc。 We will purchase specific original flash chips, raw material and controllers etc。 to meet the non-regular severe demands from army and industry enterprise。

   Supertechina produced industrial regular and industrial extended temperature 2 standards. Industrial regular industrial flash storage is used in half-machine production procedure which only requires higher compatibility based on regular working temperature. Industrial extended temperature flash storage requires both higher compatibility and non-regular and very hard temperature situation.

     Welcome to inquire if you need!

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