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    Supertechina (Shanghai) Electronic Co., Ltd. is cooperated with famous logistics companies, forwarders, air express shipper such as TNT/UPS/Fedex/DHL for many years. In the cooperated years, these companies supported Supertechina well. Also there appears some problems for some logistics companies in the cooperation.

    In order to ship the goods in a safe, prompt, in-time way, Supertechina decided to improves the logistics service as following.
    Find the problems with the logistics companies, forwarders and air express shipper and found the solution to improve.
    Schedule the shipment in the start of each month, season and year and try to find the possible problems then avoid it.
    Sum up all the shipment per month, season and year in the future.
    Find the most convenient shipment ways for each market, country and city.
    Find the shipment ways to avoid the problems of applying for custom, losing goods.

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